Hungarian Helicon Foundation Award

Established in 1999, this award for students interested in Hungarian topics has been set up at Innis College and is open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto.


The value of this award varies from year to year, but is generally between $1,500 and $3,000.


To be eligible to apply, applicants:

  • – must be an undergraduate Arts & Science student registered in the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Session;
  • – must have completed at least 4.0 full credit equivalents (FCEs) at the time of application;
  • – must be returning to undergraduate study within the University of Toronto in the 2024-2025 Fall/Winter Session;
  • – must be a Canadian Citizen/Permanent Resident/Protected Person and be an Ontario resident (see “How do I know if I qualify as an Ontario resident for student loan purposes?”);
  • – must be receiving OSAP (the loan, not the grant only) or have demonstrated financial need.

How to Apply

The application is available online, and must be completed by logging into your UTmail+ account. For the 2023-2024 application cycle, the deadline to submit this application is 18 March 2024 at 11:59pm EDT.

Application Components

Two components are required to be considered for this award:

1) A piece of original work demonstrating your ability to discuss Hungarian themes in relation to your area of study.

2) A screenshot from your OSAP account that includes your name and the amount of OSAP you are receiving for the current academic year. If you did not receive OSAP but meet the residency/citizenship requirements and believe you have financial need, submit a completed Undergraduate Grant Application form.

Awarding Body

The award body is the Innis College Council on the recommendation of an adjudicating committee that will include the Principal of Innis College, faculty representative(s) as selected by the Principal, members of the Hungarian Chair and the Hungarian Research Institute, the Presidents of the Hungarian Helicon Foundation (Ontario) and the Hungarian Helicon Society. The Innis College Financial Aid Officer will review the financial need component of the application.


Students can expect to hear results by July. The award will be paid out in September after registration for the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Session is confirmed. Awards are paid directly to outstanding fees first. Please ensure that you have added direct deposit in ACORN. If you do not have direct deposit set up, update your mailing address on ACORN, as award cheques will be mailed to that address. 


Questions can be directed to the Innis College Registrar’s Office by phone at 416-978-2513 or by email at

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