Application Forms

At Innis, most scholarships requiring an application are based on leadership — awards that recognize extracurricular engagement and commitment. You can find award info and application instructions within each application form at the bottom of this page. Additionally, a listing of all Innis awards can be found on Award Explorer, U of T’s centralized, searchable database for everything from admission to in-course to graduating awards.

Admission leadership awards

These four awards are for prospective and incoming new students. You may apply for an admission leadership award before you know if you have been admitted to the U of T. Learn more with this info sheet.

  • Innis College “Kitchen Sink” Award
  • John W. Browne OSOTF Admission Award
  • University Women’s Club of Toronto Award
  • Innis Admission Scholarship for Indigenous Peoples

Leadership awards for returning and graduating students

These awards are for currently registered students who will be returning in the upcoming academic year, and students who are graduating in the upcoming June ceremony or who graduated the previous November. Due to the number of awards in this category, there are charts within this application form that list all possible awards, their eligibility criteria, and values.

Note that two of these awards are specifically for students who live/have lived in — and demonstrated leadership in — Innis Residence. Details on the M. “Fuzz” Friend Memorial Award and the Taddle Creek Residence Life Award are also in the aforementioned chart.

Three other awards requiring an application

Hungarian Helicon Foundation Award

This award is open to any full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto, therefore students from all colleges and faculties are welcome to apply. As part of the award application, students are required to provide a piece of original academic work connected in some way to Hungary — to its culture, history, geography, etc. The recipient must have completed at least 4.0 credits, be returning to undergraduate studies at U of T in the upcoming academic year, and demonstrate financial need, as per the criteria outlined in the application. This value of this award is between $1,500 and $3,000.

Russell Canada Prize

Established in 2018, the aim of this award is to reflect the work of Peter H. Russell and encourage students to seek out, as he does, the unique character of our country. It is awarded annually to undergraduate Arts & Science students. Preference will be given to Innis College students. Applicants must submit an outstanding “production” on some aspect of Canada in the form of a substantial piece of coursework (e.g., essay) or a substantial creative work (e.g., poetry, prose, drama, film, painting, or photography). The value of the award is approximately $1,000.

Lesra Martin Student Changemaker Award

The Lesra Martin Student Changemaker Award is premised on the understanding that access to education is the key to legal, legislative, and social change to improve Black lives. Recipients are those who effect change for Black lives using creative and innovative scholarship and/or co-curricular activity. Examples of scholarship could include digital social media projects, academic submissions, artistic installations, music compositions, and films. Examples of co-curricular activity could be the formation of a club, student programming initiatives, and/or equity and outreach efforts. The award is designed to recognize student efforts that aim for: a shift in the public dialogue about productive ways to further inclusion; enhanced understanding of the dynamic dimensions of lived Black experience; expanding knowledge of how to address systemic barriers; and perhaps even recommendations for legislative or legal changes to guard against systemic barriers to Black lives.

Awards not requiring an application

The College recognizes the top student in Arts and the top student in Sciences who graduated in November 2020 or June 2021 as our Governor General’s Silver Medal Nominees. In addition, the top female and the top male student overall, by grades, will receive the Principal Janet Paterson Scholarship. These do not require application; we will look at results when grades are out after the 2020-21 academic session is over.

Application deadlines